5 Underestimated Advantages of Handling your Employees Travel Needs


Whether it’s the rigorous daily commutes or airport to and fro, in times of outstation travel, every employee appreciates when they don’t have to worry about organizing their travelling. That’s one less responsibility from their already hectic lives!

Ask any urban dweller in India, no matter how passionate they are about driving a four wheeler or riding a bike, if they truly enjoy battling the traffic each day. It doesn’t matter which city they are from… traffic congestion is a common issue and it isn’t getting better…

But surprisingly, more than the employees, it’s the company that actually benefits more from handling their employees’ transportation.

The trend for corporates to hire regular cab or car services began with the BPO wave. Young, outstation employees who were required to travel at irregular hours of the day and night, needed a safe and reliable travel option.

Today, an increasing number of organisations, even with a small employee base, from a vareity of sector, are investing in cab services for their employees, at every level.

This is why:

1) Better employee mental health

Though this point sounds like a benefit for the individual employee, it’s actually better for the company in the long run to hire cab services for its employees. Workplace wellness is an initiative that needs to begin from the moment an employee leaves the house to head to work. As that is when he or she begins to mentally get prepared for the work ahead.

Apart from the actual effort it takes to drive to work, other related tension includes purchasing and maintaining a vehicle and fuel costs.

According to a study, 89% of urban Indians are reportedly stressed.

A company that invests in its employees’ mental health, will reap benefits such as high motivation levels, better teamwork and cooperation, and a general positive work environment.

Some cab companies have introduced the idea of playing soft, meditative music in their vehicles, especially during peak hour traffic.

2) Lower costs of maintaining vehicles and parking space

Traditionally, companies bought vehicles for their management level employees. T was an investment that was expected to be made. Today, this is not the case.

Cab services can provide an array of vehicles at short notice. Enroll in a Corporate Program with a cab company and find out all the amenities available under the account.

You not only will save the cost of purchasing a fleet of your own but you also won’t need to pay for as much parking space. Some companies have also realized that it’s cheaper to hire cabs for employees than to reimburse them for their individual fuel costs.

3) Higher employee retention

When an employee is planning to take up a job, the distance between his or her home and workplace, is an important point of consideration. Many individuals join a particular organization but soon realize that the daily commute is draining them. The option of a company handling daily transport can go a long way in convincing potential talent to join the company. It can also save the company the money of training and developing an employee, after which he or she decides to leave.

Added to which, happier and more positive employees will look forward to come to work even if travelling to work each day takes time.

4) Better productivity levels of employees

Employees in crucial decision-making or managerial roles in your company can conduct meetings or briefing sessions on their way to work.  They don’t have to deal with the stress of driving while conducting video calls or sharing screens.

Morning and evening commutes can be used in more productive ways.

Also if they arrive refreshed to work each day, they will anyways, be ready to tackle more work. As opposed to an employee that needs a few hours to get over his road rage!

5) Saving the environment

As an organisation, any effort towards saving resources or minimizing damage to the planet can be put down as a Corporate Social Responsibility initiative. This will improve your image among various audiences while you continue to gain in many other ways.

Find out the environmental targets for your area and industry and aim to stay within these. Air pollution is a serious concern in most cities. Pooling employee travel needs is a step in the right direction.

It would, in fact, be mutually beneficial to 3 parties hire a cab or car service company for your employee needs – your Employees, your Company and your Planet.

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