6 Benefits of Having A Corporate Account with your Cab Service Company

When most cab or car service companies choose to enter the B2b space, it’s for higher, sustained profits. As a focus area of business, they tend to direct their best efforts into this field.

Today, the cab service B2b market, or that which deals with organisations rather than individual consumers, is a highly competitive one. The natural result of this are a gamut of benefits for the companies that enroll in strategically devised corporate programs.

In the race to outdo one another, here are 6 top benefits that are being offered by the top cab service players right now:

6 top benefits offered by the cab service players right now:

1) Lower pricing and financial savings

There are usually 3 types of costs being incurred for each ride. There is a base cost that applies even if the cab is cancelled before travelling. There are ride time charges that include the time on the road and waiting, at traffic signals or scheduled stops. Finally, there is surge pricing. You may be familiar with surges in high traffic areas during peak times. Most cab companies charge incredible amounts owing to surges. They can go up to even 6 times the normal costs!

A good corporate program with a cab service company can eradicate at least two of these 3 price segments. Firstly, last minute cancellations are rare in corporate usage. So you will never really lose much in the base fare amount. But also most employee travel happens during peak hours so unpredictable surges in price don’t make sense.

Most corporate programs therefore, offer a standard rate to their corporate clients. In the long run, you will find ample savings in your kitty, due to this one reason.

2) Monthly invoicing and clear break up of costs incurred

Another finance-related advantage – The billing system is very clear with corporate clients.

You will be charged on a monthly basis and will be offered a precise break-up of all costs. This is a requirement of all organisations that cab service companies willingly cater to.

3) Top class service

Since it’s competitive, cab companies are extra careful with their B2b clients, especially with their top management. Vehicles are serviced, spruced and snug. Drivers are safe and polite.

Every vehicle is stacked with a bottle of water and tissues and travels at a comfortable pace. You can even specify when a VIP is scheduled to travel, for that extra care and hospitality.

Cab services even provide a quiet environment for officials to conduct meetings, catch up on their emails or even rest, while they travel.

4) Pre-booking and scheduled timings options

Corporate programs allow for both options: Pre-booking before an unscheduled ride like a special meeting or an airport pick up. The second is regular pick ups and drop offs from home to office and back.

You may also choose to hire a vehicle for outstation travel for your executive visitors under a corporate program.

Delays and cancellations on behalf of the drivers and cabs are uncommon when operating under a corporate account. Even if such a case occurs, cab companies pro-actively replace either driver or vehicle in time for the ride. This is quite a boon when it comes to employee travel needs as time is, indeed money, when your employees don’t reach the office, airport or meetings in time.

5) Variety of vehicles for airport pickups and drops

Airport transfer services are essential in employee transportation. Good cab service companies are able to pick up passengers from near the departure gates and on time. The other advantage is a choice of vehicles for this function. Cars are helpful for one or two passenger pickups, but when there is a team coming down, it helps to have options.

Corporate programs give you the opportunity to choose from a fleet of SUVs, minivans or buses and cars. The bigger vehicles can accommodate up to 7 people and their luggage. This turns out to be more profitable than hiring 3 different cars.

It’s also better for the environment.

6) Refined chauffeurs and women drivers

Cab companies focusing on the B2b side, dedicate a little more time and money in developing their chauffeurs. They are not only trained in the correct driving techniques but also certain etiquette such as opening and shutting the taxi doors, assisting with luggage and offering greetings. Most drivers who deal with corporate employees are proficient in English, have knowledge about the city and company they are servicing, and possess good communication skills.

A few top cab companies have also included women in their team of chauffeurs. So if you wish to engage their services, you can make a request.

Women drivers are known to be a little safer and courteous!

So, if you haven’t enrolled in a corporate program for your organisation yet, now is the time to do it.

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