Chauffeurs – Rewards and Recognitions

At Rego, our Chauffeurs are extremely important to us. Without their sincere endeavors, we would not exist. And in order to acknowledge their professionalism, we make it our priority to recognize their good driving habits, being good team players, following safety regulations, and everything else in-between.

Recently, we conducted the Chauffeur’s RNR at Royal Orchid, Bengaluru to offer recognition and awards to our chauffeurs through a variety of programs.


We honored drivers who did exceptional work every single day and met the appropriate criteria in terms of safety, performance and customer’s feedback, which is critical for the success of Rego and our valued customers.

What’s more? The event also witnessed open discussions with our chauffeurs’ about the customer’s positive and negative feedbacks in the day-by-day operation!While we took a pledge to strengthen our positives, there was a considerable effortmade to rectify the negatives in an endeavor to make our service a lot better.

Last but not the least, the safety of our professional chauffeurs is paramount to Rego. For them to do their job safely and efficiently, we provided our precious drivers with the basic driver safety training to help them gain key skills enabling them to respond to any possible threats to the vehicle and its occupants.

Moreover, the defensive training also incorporated experiential learning via practical in-car exercises to equip them with a plethora of supporting knowledge about safe driving strategies and vehicle safety!

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