Choosing the right taxi service for your company’s top officials

Business Tourism Raising The Bar

Apart from the high number of Multi-National Corporation employees who visit each year for meetings, we also see international businessmen arriving in India for the purpose of trade shows, exhibitions and conventions.

According to TRIFAC, India was projected to be the 5th fastest growing business travel destination in the world, by the year 2019.

If your guests are among this group, then, it’s not only your company name that’s at stake each time they visit! It’s now also up to you to create positive impressions of the country or city you’re located in! That’s quite a responsibility. Plus, no Indian wishes to upset an international high-positioned official. It’s just not in our culture.

The fact is that some visitor experiences may be out of your control such as airport fiascoes, hotel mix-ups or even heavy traffic. And that is understood by most.

But in areas where you have control, how can you ensure that your top officials, whether they are from India or abroad, are being offered the very best?

A world-class taxi experience

Many business travelers are already stressed. They are under pressure to meet deadlines, win customers, and possibly, adjusting with new time zones every week.

They also spend a lot of time on the road. A large section of travelling businessmen uses their car travel time to rest, catch up on work or make personal phone calls. They get time for themselves, a period in which to rejuvenate before arriving at a destination.

Hence, it is important to provide comfortable, clean and hassle-free local travel amenities to all your top corporate officials.

Here’s how:

A world-class taxi experience

1) Corporate Cab Services

One way to make sure your elite personnel gets the ultimate local travel experience is by signing up with a reputed cab service under its Corporate Services program. This send a direct message to your taxi provider that you expect the most refined services for the VIPs traveling under this account.

2) Professionally Trained Chauffeurs

There’s a difference between a driver and a well-trained chauffeur. The right driving technique involves proper co-ordination between acceleration and braking, smooth gear control and safe maneuvering. A chauffeur is also calm, polite and has a positive personality. It is, in fact, the job of a chauffeur to handle the nervous of a stressed or new passenger. Offering assistance with luggage, opening and shutting the car doors or answering any queries that your top official may be expressing, are always appreciated. Hence, find a car or taxi hiring service that trains their drivers to be chauffeurs.

If you really wish to impress your visiting officials, you can opt for a woman chauffeur. This is a service being offered in most cities in India.

3) Multi-lingual Staff

Whether it’s a chauffeur or a customer support agent, it is important for the representatives of your taxi service company to be able to communicate fluently in English and Hindi with your people. Top officials would prefer either one of the two. Remember, the ability of chauffeurs to communicate with your passengers is vital even if there is going to be limited or no conversation.

4) Round-the-clock Services

Flights can arrive and take off at any time during the day or night. So, it is imperative that your taxi hiring company is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Late arrivals, last minute cancellations or ‘no show’ incidents must not occur. The last thing you need is a tired and stressed business official stranded at an airport or missing a flight. You need a taxi service that is alert round the clock and delivers consistently, regardless of the time.

5) Airport Transport Options

It’s always a boon when there are options! If you’re expecting a team of delegates, hiring individual taxis is a waste of time, money and resources. Get a taxi hiring company that has a choice of vehicles such as elite SUVs and mini coaches in case you need them, someday.

6) Pre-booking Services

Some online cab hiring services don’t allow the option of pre-booking a vehicle, especially for airport drops or pick-ups. Finalize a car or cab hiring Service Company that gives you the option of pre-booking a car or cab, instead of waiting till the last minute.

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