How to identify the best cab services in India for airport pick ups

A visitor’s experience begins the moment he or she steps out of an airport.

Unfortunately, many travelers coming to India or flying within, have been subjected to high stress situations during airport pick-ups. Delay in cab arrival, errors in pick-up points, driver’s cell phone not in range, unsuitable vehicles or even rude drivers can ruin a weary, jet-lagged traveler’s entire trip!

There have also been occasions on which certain cab services have not been allowed close to any airports. The passenger is not informed about this and only gets to know once he or she lands. After which, there are 2 choices – 1) To drag oneself and luggage to a pick-up point that’s usually quite far from the departure gates 2) Try to book another vehicle and wait till it arrives, hoping that it does!

Yes, it can be quite harrowing…

So, before you set off on your next trip or make bookings for someone else, here are some offerings that your cab company should have if you are planning to use their services, especially for airport transfers.

Wide Choice of Vehicles

Sometimes, you may get one visitor and at others, there could be a few. It’s always nice to have options to choose from. Select a cab or car company that gives you a range of vehicles to select from. There should at least, be 3 choices in the form of a car, an SUV and possibly a mini coach. This will not only prove to be more convenient but will also be value for money in the long run.

High Level of Comfort

Businessmen or even tourists who’ve been travelling, are usually tired, aching and possibly, disoriented. Their bodies need extra care and comfort. Plush, clean interiors in a vehicle look welcoming and feel good. If you are responsible for your company’s travel needs, ask the prospect cab companies if you may inspect some of their vehicles before you sign up for a Corporate Program. You can even ask them to take you on test rides so that you can check vehicle sound levels to see if they’re quiet enough when running.

On time, Reliable and Knowledgeable

Reliability depends entirely on the drivers of the cab company and their culture. You can check with other customers who have used the services of a particular cab company to compare experiences. Cab companies with professional and courteous drivers usually invest in them to train and develop their skills. Find out if your cab service company trains its drivers to be on time and reliable.

Also many cab companies utilize the same drivers for airport and inter-city rides. The fact is that drivers for airport pick-up vehicles need to be a little more knowledgeable about the city, tourist spots, hotels etc. Drivers of these cars are the first local people that the outstation travellers interact with. They may be asked some important questions. It’s important at this point that the driver is able to communicate well, in a helpful manner and is polite.

Easy Online Booking

Most cab companies provide the facility to book online. But sometimes, its difficult to book from a mobile app when you are in a different time zone, travelling to India. The GPS on a cell phone may not recognize foreign locations and destinations. Find a cab company that has an easy booking mechanism on their website so that passengers can book their pick ups before boarding their flights, from anywhere in the world.

Multi-city Services

If you’re trying to identify cab services for your company that has multiple offices, choose a player that has national reach. The last thing you need is booking a cab of one company for a drop-off and then dealing with another for the pick-up in the next city. It’s easy logistics to deal with one company than a whole lot of them.

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REGO is a one stop solution for your airport travel needs.

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