Rego Chaufferurs Training


At Rego, we pride ourselves on providing state-of-the-art training to our drivers in an endeavor to offer consistent high-quality service to our customers! After all, professional, knowledgeable and courteous chauffeurs make an indispensable part of any successful livery operation!

Whilst other companies may squeeze three or more participants into each car, Rego’s professional driving course delivers much more hands-on driving time to chauffeurs– maintaining a 2-to-1 participant-to-trainer ratio.

Top-notch Training is our main REGO-motive.

What’s more? It’s our first rule of thumb to make sure that our chauffeur’s are not only good maneuvers but also well-aware of the traffic rules!So, before investing our time in training them, the first thing we do is give them a map and verify if they’re credible at maneuvering themselves through the traffic!

The next step is etiquette. Since great chauffeurs are both well-behaved and accommodating, we focus our servile attention to infuse fine mannerism in them and help them understanding the client’s requirements and deliver great customer service without any hiccups.

From etiquettes we move to basic driving techniques, whereby we introduce them to advanced defensive training for the chauffeurs to gain key driving skills enabling them to respond to any possible threats to the vehicle and its occupants.The advanced defensive training program also incorporates experiential learning via practical in-car exercises in addition to providing a plethora of supporting knowledge about safe driving strategies and vehicle safety!

Where a Quality Chauffeur Counts

Once we feel they’ve engrossed the desired knowledge, we put them to multi-car ride-along, depending on the division they’re going to drive! We also take them out with our veteran chauffeurs to help them learn the basics of operating on the road. While they start off sitting and observing quietly, we turn it around after a while—now they are the chauffeurs and kept a vigil on. At that point we also provide them with an ell-encompassing guidance about the proficient aspects of the chauffeur’s role (e.g. pick-ups, drop-offs, protocol, and route recces)

What’s more? This is also the high time we offered them more insight into ‘how and what to say’ to the clients. Once everything is in place, we’re finally ready to unleash our professional Rego chauffeur out on the road.

In order to make sure our chauffeurs deliver at par with our lofty standards, we break out the same training materials once again every quarter!After all, we are avid believers of repeated training, strong training, and conducting safety events at least once a month.

Our Chauffeur’s are here for “On the Road” People!

We believe in open discussions with our chauffeurs’ about the customer’s positive and negative feedbacks in the day-by-day operation!This does wonders to make sure we strengthen our positives and rectify the negatives to improve or make our service a lot better.

While the other chauffeur driver car rental services that don’t fancy good equipment will tell you that the first and the foremost complaint is that they’re riding trashy equipment, at Rego, it’s our top-notch priority to serve the best equipment. After all, it’s a natural human tendency to take pride in the association you’re riding with. And people love to be around a winner. We believe we’re a winner and thus we do a quality job.

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