Safety measures in hired cabs for your employees that you should know about

When you hire a cab or car for your employees on a regular basis, you need a reliable cab service company. The safety and happiness of your people becomes paramount and there can be no compromises, of course, within a budget.

Affordable and professional cab services could be found easily, but how can you decide if the cab company that you are hiring, is safe enough to transport your employees?

Here is a checklist to help you decipher the safety levels of your selected cab company:

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Round-the-clock service

It’s important to engage a cab service that offers not only transport any time of the day and night but also 24 hours customer service. This is especially vital if your company has multiple branch offices and employees travelling to and fro, at all times of the night and day. Many cab service providers do say they have 24-hour service but often, shortage of drivers or delays in pickup occur during late night or early morning hours. You can check this via another user’s experiences with the cab company you are screening. Usually 2 or more opinions should be considered, rather than just 1 bad or good experience.

Real Time Tracking

Most cab companies offer real-time tracking facilities but find one that gives more exact details. You should be able to view and keep exact track of all your employees at all times. Some apps also offer emergency services in case a vehicle is not on track or in an unknown location. Ask your cab company if they have GPS receivers installed on their vehicles for enhanced tracking.

Women Chauffeurs

If your employee base has a large number of women, find a cab company with women chauffeurs for increased comfort levels of your employees. This is a feature that very few cab companies offer, but a good one to have handy in case it’s needed. Apart from making female passengers feel more comfortable, women chauffeurs are also known to be more professional, courteous and with better people skills.

Hand Picked Chauffeurs

Apart from having the choice of women chauffeurs, the overall quality of cab drivers has been a concern in our country. In 2017, new channel CNN-NEWS 18 conducted an undercover investigation including 25 reporters and over 300 cab rides taken across the main metros of Bengaluru, NCR, Kolkata, and Chennai. They found the following:

  • Unregistered drivers

  • Fake driving licenses

  • Difficulty for women to get cabs at night

It should therefore, the selection and training process of cab drivers should be looked into.

Emphasis on Safety

Find a cab company that mentions safety as one of their features and follows up on it. Inquire about the safety features that they have implemented in order to keep their passengers safe. Are their vehicles maintained and serviced? Are their drivers trained in safe driving or even first aid? Do they pay special attention to passenger safety during night hours?

Airport Pick ups

Many cab companies don’t have access to airports or a lack of options in airport transfer vehicles. These are the main features to look for in a cab company. How close to the departure gates are their vehicles allowed? Do they offer a variety such as SUVs and coaches for bigger groups? These ensure not only the safety but also the comfort of your travelling employees, especially after long, tiring business trips.

Corporate/ VIP programs

Identify a cab service that enrolls your company in a special Corporate program that takes care of not only your employees but also VIP level personnel. A good Corporate program should result in flat pricing policies, reliable pick ups, pre-booking facilities, dedicated customer support and a 30 day invoicing that helps you to keep track of your usage.

It also helps when you have a cab company that provides drivers who are well acquainted with the local roads, news and general information about the city. The provision to hire luxury cars should also be available.

Once you have found all these, your employees will be safe and at peace during their travels!

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