The benefits of a go-to brand for all your organization’s mobility needs

Organizing employee transport and travel can take up a large chunk of your time, especially as the team grows and business prosper. Daily commutes, out of station trips, airport pickups and even getting top management to places in time for important meetings can engage an entire team, if not a few employees.

An all-service mobility company is a solution to all your employee travel problems. Such organizations were formed in response to market demand but not everyone is reaping the benefits of this niche segment.

Many people are unaware of the advantages of a one-stop mobility services company and the list of services that such companies provide. So, here are the vital amenities of a one-stop mobility company to help you in case you are looking for one:

1) Daily commutes
If you require employees to be picked up and dropped off to and from their homes, look for a mobility company with a wide fleet and regular service. Late night shifts or large distances can be overcome by outsourcing this function.

2) Airport pick up and drop off
A reliable cab service company that can handle your airport pick ups and drop offs is vital. Find out if the mobility company you choose has a selection of vehicles to pick from eg: cars for smaller groups and minivans or buses for bigger ones.

3) Out-station travel
Even if your employees or visiting personnel need to travel out of the city for a weekend or so, your mobility company should be able to provide vehicles and chauffeurs for these trips.

4) Domestic and International ticketing
Let your mobility company take care of all your ticketing needs instead of utilizing a separate travel agency and a cab company. Your consolidated billing will be sent to you once a month for easy management.

5) Visa and passport assistance
The top mobility companies are now also equipped with professionals who can assist you with your employees’ passport renewals or visa applications. This minimizes your stress and makes it easier when the same people are handling visa and ticketing for multiple teams.

6) Train and bus ticketing
For more localized travel needs, your mobility company can also handle railway and bus bookings for your employees. This is especially helpful when there are various modes in one trip for different employees. Eg: A flight from Bangalore to Delhi, followed by a train journey to Haridwar.

7) Holiday packages
Speaking of trips, your mobility company can even plan and book vacation packages for your employees in case you don’t have the time to do it yourself. Due to their expertise, they are able to offer advice on the best, most scenic and safest routes, hotels and other travel tips. They will also book better hotels for your people within the stipulated budget.

8) Travel Insurance and Foreign Exchange
You don’t need to turn to anyone else for travel insurance or foreign exchange matters. Your mobility company will mail you the insurance letter and organise to send over the required foreign exchange at the current rate. Hence, a mobility company does so much more than drive your employees around! You can sign up with a Corporate account and hand over all your travel, ticketing, hotel and visa issues at economical rates. You should also specify to your mobility company when you require VIP services or fancier vehicles but ensure they are able to cater to this requirement before you sign them on!

REGO India – On-Demand Corporate Mobility Services across India
REGO is a one-stop solution for your Corporate mobility needs. Our PAN India network spanning across all the Tier 1 cities of Bangalore, Mumbai, Delhi, Hyderabad and Chennai, backed by a select team of trained chauffeurs and a fleet of super efficient vehicles, gives us a distinct advantage. We offer a complete bouquet of end-to-end long and short term car rental solutions with a fresh focus on people, processes and technology.Contact us today for your Corporate Mobility needs!

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    This is Sujit Thorat from Trave Hub, Pune. We were working in this cab services and employee transportation services industry from last 6 year as sub vendor.
    We are happy to work with you in Pune region.

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