The best ways to hire a cab for your employees outstation travels

Do your employees often need travel options in other cities for work or even pleasure? It can be difficult and expensive to find reliable cab services that are willing to travel beyond city limits or for prolonged periods of time.

Plus, if you’re in one city and your vehicle requirement is for another, you are unable to check vehicles for quality, or even follow up, in case the assigned driver does not show up or there is some complication.

Here are a few ways to ease your stress regarding employee outstation travel and ensure that you get the best service every time:

Enroll in a Corporate Program

First of all, identify a cab company that has reach in the states to which your employees travel. There’s no point really in engaging the services of a cab company that only has operations in one city or within the limits of a city. It doesn’t serve the purpose of your employees’ outstation travel requirements.

Then, apply for a Corporate program and find out which offerings are on the table once you register. Most well-established cab companies will give you a list of benefits connected to a Corporate program. But check if they have the provision to hire outstation vehicles from one location and especially if they possess vehicles and drivers for out of city traveling.

Choose from an array of vehicles 

While selecting a cab company, check their fleet of vehicles and ensure that there have luxury cars for outstation meetings and SUVs for inter-city travel.

Some cab service providers can also provide mini coaches or vans for bigger groups and airport transfers.

It always helps to have a range of options to choose from as not every employee’s needs are the same as another.

Opt for well-maintained vehicles

The way to know whether the vehicles that cab service companies utilize for outstation travel are in good condition is by firstly, inspecting them. But if you are unable to do that, know that if the vehicles are self-owned, they are usually kept in a better state.

In any case, inquire about how old the vehicles are, how many kilometers have they driven, and how often are the vehicles serviced? These are questions a client is allowed to ask and get factual answers for so take advantage of this…

Amenities such as Drinking water, First Aid Kits and Reading Material can also be expected.

Ensure the rides are safe and secure

Sound maintenance is also important as it ensures the safety of your employees. A cab service company that adheres to high vehicle standards will also ensure that all their vehicles are fitted with up to date GPS systems that help to keep track at all times.

Some cab companies have also introduced women drivers for those who opt for this service. It can be used to transport your women delegates and make them feel comfortable.

Opt for affordable rates and fixed prices

Hiring a vehicle for outstation travel via a Corporate program should also turn out to be cheaper than hiring one on a normal basis. You will also not experience the surprise of an unexpected rate or surge rate, during peak hours or beyond city limits.

Bulk bookings are also cheaper than one-off outstation requirements, so plan accordingly.

Go for knowledgeable, well-trained chauffeurs

Well spoken and thoroughly trained drivers are vital to ensure the best for your employees. Choose a cab service company that invests time and money in their drivers to make them into chauffeurs! Good communication skills including the ability to speak in English, polite and helpful behavior, and know-how about the area is a boon.

The top cab companies engage in safe driving classes and training for unexpected emergency situations as well.

Easy booking processes

If you’re booking via an app, make sure it works in multiple cities. For international visitors, it is preferred that bookings can also be done via a website.

Pre-booking or last minute booking facilities should be available for short term and long term car or cab hire services.

It definitely helps to have 24-hour customer service support and reliable bookings that are adhered to, each time.

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