Things to look for in cab services for your employee transportation needs

Daily commutes and travelling in India is highly stressful. If you live in one of the main cities and drive to work every day, you know exactly how bad it can get…

Hot or humid weather, unruly drivers and traffic congestion can lead to unhappiness and also employee dissatisfaction even before entering the office!

Though conditions vary in India, the basic concerns of travelling individuals are the same everywhere.

A survey conducted on a group of 1000 Americans who largely drove their cars to work, throws up a few interesting factors:

1. Driving is the most stressful form of transportation

2. Daily journeys that last for more than 20 minutes can cause burnout in the long run, while those travelling for more than 25 minutes by road each day may begin to feel less motivated to go to work.

3. The most common issues that working individuals have with their travel are

a. unexpected delays or cancellations

b. dealing with other commuters on the road

c. traffic jams

d. long distances

e. accumulated cost of daily transportation

This scenario presents a clear opportunity for employers to intervene and offer support.

Though we see many jobs taking on a remote working option, there are still a lot of them that require employees to either travel across state and country a few times a month, or to work, everyday.

Taking care of employee transportation

An effective way to keep employees happy and motivated is by completely freeing them off the responsibility of their travel! Some companies may choose to purchase cars and hire drivers for employees to use.

But the better and less expensive option is to hire the services of a cab company that gives you every option possible, whether it is daily employee commutes, executive airport pick ups and drop offs, or transporting managers to meetings in the most stress-free manner.

Features of a good cab service for employee needs

Looking for a well equipped cab or car service company for your employees requires some research.

There are many options out there in cab service providers and it can get confusing. But here are a few features that you should look for in your selected cab company to help you out:

Corporate programs

Enrolling your company in a Corporate program entails many benefits that you wouldn’t get in a normal account. Firstly, the service standards are higher especially when you hire vehicles for your top management team or international visitors. Secondly, you will be offered deals for group bookings, or retainer agreements for daily commute vehicles. Both these lead to a better experience for you and your employees. It should be a definite win-win!

Standardized pricing

If you’re opting to hire cars for your employees’ daily commutes, it’s highly likely that they will be travelling to and fro during high peak traffic hours. Find a cab service that does not believe in price surges during peak hours.

Best and quickest routes

Many cab drivers resort to GPS guided routes and this is how it should be. It also helps if the drivers posses knowledge and experience about the local roads. Relying on the GPS system doesn’t always pan out the way it should.

Comfort and Ease

Before hiring a cab company, check their vehicles. You have the right to do so! Clean, hygienic and fresh car interiors can lead to a lot of stress relief. There are companies that use music or relaxing meditation sounds while commuting to relax their passengers these days.

Professional and On Time

This one of the top reasons for employee distress was delays in travel, make sure your find a reliable cab company that values its clients’ time. Professionalism is a broad feature and covers the entire experience with the company. For the employee passenger, the main aspect is to do with the driver. Find a company that has trained chauffeurs rather than standard drivers. They should be equipped to drive well, ease the passengers’ stress, offer guidance if asked and be generally polite.

Easy Last Minute Hiring and Cancellation

Check with your cab companies about the best way to book or change last minute bookings. Life is unpredictable and things don’t always go as planned especially when you’re dealing with a large group of people or employee base. Your cab company should be able to support you during these times and offer solutions rather than make it more difficult for you!

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