Top Employee Travel Safety Perks in the BPO Industry

The Indian Business Processing industry is world renowned!

This dynamic sector began locally in the 1990’s. Since then, it has boomed in every possible way to result in a world class one. The path to emerge as the industry with such immense potential has been filled with lessons. Some companies evolved and adapted while others ignored the advice and sank.

However, one primary issue that has plagued the Indian BPO industry and continues to be a concern is Employee Safety, which also affects employee retention.

Here are some employee safety benefits that are beneficial for employees in the BPO sector:

1) Overall employee safety during commutes

Owing to the numerous events of violence against women employees working for BPO companies, the entire sector is devoting time and resources to ensure that such harmful events are curbed at the core. The main area to get under control is that which protects employees during commuting, especially in late hours or in sparsely populated areas.

The solution for this is to hire a cab company that is reliable.

You will be able to gauge this by the evident level of importance the agency places on the safety of its passengers. Identify a cab service company that acknowledges the prevalent issues and is also aware of the related legislation and rules.

In 2010, the Criminal Procedure Code announced guidelines concerning pickups and drops of women employees, especially in the NCR area.

These include:

  • Female employees are required to be dropped at their doors and not down the street.
  • If a vehicle is unable to approach the house or building due to certain reasons, women are to be accompanied by a security guard till the house.
  • The driver should leave the premise only once he or she has a phone call confirmation of the passenger’s safe arrival home
  • Drivers are to ensure that there is never an occurrence of women being picked up first or dropped off last.
  • All drivers should be trained and checked before hiring

2) Professionally Trained and Assessed Drivers

Apart from being familiar with the rules, cab service drivers can be trained in a variety of areas to ensure safety at all times:

  • Safe driving

Driving on Indian roads requires more than basic knowledge about a car’s mechanism and how it should be operated. Few drivers are professionally trained to know traffic rules, the right speed, conduct during heavy traffic hours, right of way, or parking techniques.

Invest in a cab company that knows how to train their drivers to be safe while being efficient.

Employee pick ups and drop offs occur at any time of the day and night. Trained chauffeurs should be able to drive skillfully at any time.

Open roads at night should not result in speeding and recklessness, while peak hour traffic should not rattle the driver!

  • Soft Skills and Communication

Though a driver speaking eloquently may not sound like a safety measure but it helps to make employees feel safe. Courteous and polite conversation with a driver, especially in the preferred language of the passenger has many advantages.

Passengers can express their concerns if they are feeling uncomfortable. Drivers can reassure in return. Though it’s a rule, it may not always be possible for a woman passenger to be accompanied by another.  In such cases, it helps if the driver is equipped with certain soft skills to handle the situation correctly.

Find a cab service company that develops these skills in their drivers.

  • Basic Knowledge and Awareness about the Locality

Many cab drivers are from other states and relatively new to the cities in which they work. They often lack direct knowledge or experience of the local streets (and events) and largely depend on GPS systems for navigation. This works a lot of the time but in certain cases, it may not be enough. That’s when passengers can get jittery.

Though GPS systems are able to identify high traffic pockets, re-routing can back fire, especially when the fresh navigation is through smaller, by-lanes.

In this situation, it helps to have a driver who knows the roads and possible road blocks, better than an app!

3) Women chauffeurs for women employees

This is a brilliant idea that’s working wonders in many cities currently. Cab companies are hiring and training women drivers to do the job. This is resulting in safer trips and a number of companies opting for female chauffeurs, especially BPOs that employ a large number of women.

According to past experiences, it has been noticed that women are safer, more cautious drivers while being sensitive and polite. So, this is one benefit that will keep all your women employees happy!

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