What advantages can corporate chauffeur services offer your business?

Some things termed as a luxury for your employees can one day become a per-requisite!

One such essential trend that’s fast catching up with organizations in urban localities, is hiring professional chauffeurs for all intercity travel, especially for top management personnel.

Trained chauffeurs differ from regular private or taxi service drivers. They are a breed of thoroughly adept professionals skilled in the art of driving, assisting, conversing and catering to their passengers. Top cab and car hiring companies are realizing the importance of employing the services of men and women chauffeurs to provide to this growing need.

The reasons for the popularity of the chauffeur-driven car concept are more than just a fad.

Here are some distinct advantages for your company that work beyond immediate appearances:

Motivational High

Employee motivation and satisfaction feature predominantly in the HR preferences of most companies. It’s attention to smaller, day to day factors that attract and retain a top-level workforce. Management level employees are often under extreme stress while being on the road most of the time. Whether its airport pickups, being driven to meetings, or the daily commute to and from work, your leaders deserve the best. Well dressed, polite chauffeurs lend an elite air without costing an arm or a leg.

The other obvious factor is that hiring a chauffeur driven car beats driving in rush hour traffic any day. After a day’s work, the last thing your corporate employees need is driving during peak hour traffic. In fact, driving is one of the most stressful activities that working professionals suffer from and this service takes care of it, in a classy way.

Boosted Efficiency

Hiring chauffeur driven cars and cabs to transport your employees can result in saving many hours that would otherwise be used up in parking, navigating and high stress driving. Added to which, when an employee is being driven around swiftly from one meeting to another, he or she is able to take calls, meetings, interviews or polish their presentations while travelling.

This can result in a higher level of efficiency for your employees, especially if they are able to make maximum use of their travel time.

Positive Brand Image

Some unique car and cab companies are not only providing chauffeurs but also a choice of high quality cars. When your top team rolls up in an attractive, sophisticated car driven by a professional chauffeur at a pitch meeting, it makes a good impression.

There are cab companies that are also offering women chauffeurs that are highly trained in driving and soft skills. This can definitely add an extra feather to your brand cap.

Company image can be portrayed via multiple avenues. A fleet of sleek cars being driven by chauffeurs  is one great way to maintain a special image.

Advanced Safety Measures

Chauffeur training sessions consist of imparting safe driving habits such as wearing seat belts, safe overtaking, and other traffic rules that are designed to protect us. They are also adept in keeping calm and positive. This can go a long way in keeping your top management safe during commutes.

For women passengers, you may opt for women chauffeurs. Some cab companies also provide relaxation music while travelling.

These safety measures will portray your company in a positive light among your employees and make them trust you. Employee loyalty will be a sure shot guarantee.

Support for your Delegates

It’s vital to make a good impression not only on your employees but also visiting delegates from India or abroad.

Chauffeur driven cars are the right choice to ensure your delegates are picked up on time, shown around if needed and taken care of. Top quality chauffeurs are trained in English and in knowledge about the city and surroundings. They will create the perfect ambience in the cars for your visitors and give them the required privacy if needed.

This can really impress company delegates and they will be looking forward to their next visit for sure!

Hence, the trend to engage the services of a corporate chauffeur and cab service company has many advantages. If you’re looking to attract and retain talent, create a positive brand image or simple make a lasting impression, consider hiring the services of a chauffeur driven cab.

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