Why corporate cab services are growing to be a necessity in all our Tier I cities!

Urban traffic management has been a concern in our country for a long time. The growing population added to increasing consumer purchase power has resulted in an alarmingly large number of cars on
our roads.

Cities such as Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Chennai and Hyderabad feature prominently on the list of
maximum traffic congestion.

As the local governmental bodies and road authorities attempt to do their jobs, it’s the role of the
people to assist in whichever way possible.

One way in which companies are doing their bit to decrease the number of cars on the road is by
providing cab services to their employees. Pickups and drop off can be pooled together while multiple
people travelling for meetings can do so in one car without the stress of driving weighing one person

Here are some other reasons why corporate cab services are becoming a popular and sensible trend among working professionals in Tier I cities:


It’s economical
Rather than financing the hire or purchase of a fleet of company cars and buses, you will realize that
it’s cheaper to hire a cab service company to take care of all your employee’s transport needs.
Maintaining cars, fueling them up and keeping them in top shape is expensive and time-consuming
affair. Plus if your vehicles are travelling during city peak hours, there is going to be a lot of wear and tear on the brake and clutch pads. It’s a wasted investment that you could otherwise invest elsewhere towards a more profitable outcome.

It’s safer
There have been numerous cases of working women professionals travelling late at night or too far
locations, being victims to robbery, molestation and even rape. Travelling in numbers is always safer
and with hired taxi services this is possible.

Cab drivers from reputed companies are thoroughly background checked, trained and well versed with
safe rules of conduct. eg. : A woman passenger will never be picked up or dropped off first or last
without supervision. Added to adhering to such rules, cab services are also providing women chauffeurs to keep passengers even safer.

It’s productive
Teams that work together can travel together and conduct morning meetings or evening catch ups
during the common travel time. Executives can even undertake their tele-calls or polish their
presentations en-route to meetings, saving a lot of professional time.

Travelling together also boosts teamwork and camaraderie between employees. It’s a more co-operative
step rather than a competitive one when management travels alongside other team members in the
same cars. It removes the feeling of being treated less or more and is conducive towards a healthy work
environment. However, if there is a need for the VIP treatment or airport pickups, cab service companies can cater to these as well.

It decreases stress
It has been noticed that employees who are driven safely and efficiently to work and back are less
stressful and better motivated to work during office hours.

In fact, these days due to the high amount of stress being caught in a traffic jam has proven to create,
cab services are introducing benefits such as meditation music, courteous behaviour, water bottles and
other de-stressing tools to help passengers.

It attracts more choice of talent
When employers list transport services as a benefit to people, it attracts a bigger pool of talent that may
otherwise avoid working with you. Most working professionals would prefer to have their
transportation needs taken care of. Driving or riding to work is stressful and public transportation is
either underdeveloped or expensive.

Employees would not mind coming to work every day to your company as long as the stress of travel is
taken care of. Hence, as our cities develop and traffic increases, it is no longer a luxury to hire cab services for your employees, it has become a necessity which brings with it a range of other benefits.

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