Why your company should choose a cab company with a multi-city presence

As a company who is aware of employees’ travel needs, choosing an apt can service can involve asking a few vital questions.

  • Will it be economical for my company to take care of all my employees’ travel needs or just a few?
  • Will I get the service that my employees deserve?
  • Which amenities should I be looking for in the cab company of choice?

These are all valid questions to be asking but most cab companies are offering various travel options, within a suitable budget and with similar amenities.

Hence, the one question that you should be asking is whether your cab company has a presence in all the cities that you operate in.

Multi-city presence for a cab company has many advantages for you. Here is a list of these benefits to help you choose the right service:

1) It’s more economical in the long run

Like any other corporate tie up that you may possess with a hotel or restaurant chain or a courier company, a Corporate account with a cab service that has multi-city presence has immense financial benefits. Added to which, your consolidated billing will be sent to you once a month, instead of various bills from a range of cab companies, being mailed to you throughout the month.

Work out a plan with a common cab or car service company that includes all local travel for your employees in the head office and out of station visits for management meetings etc. Even VIP travel can be included in this package at affordable rates.

2) It’s convenient to handle branch offices

For a company with travel responsibilities in various branch offices, making and keeping track of bookings, cancellations and modifications is much easier when dealing with one cab company. You will receive all notifications from one app or website. Your customer support team will be a common one who is aware of all your employee travel needs.

This is especially helpful when you are under multi-city pressure at the time of a company announcement, anniversary or press events. Transporting top management and VIP personnel can be highly stressful. A common cab company that you can trust and depend on is the way to go.

A tip – Ensure your cab company is also able to undertake airport pick ups and drop offs in every city.

3) It’s safer for everyone!

A trusted, common can company is one you can trust. Of course, its not possible to meet every driver in every city but at least, you are a priority customer with your cab service and you don’t need to worry about screening different ones in each city.

Multi-city cab companies also offer live tracking from anywhere. So, you will be aware of all your vehicles movements in every city at all times. Modern GPS systems allow shared tracking facilities.

Any issues, you will be notified and the solutions will follow.

Some multi-city cab companies have also introduced women chauffeurs to make their passengers feel safe. They also ensure that all their chauffeurs are checked, trained and competent enough to cater to all types of passengers. They are even trained in communication and proper etiquette.

The basic idea is that if a cab service is successful enough to grow and set up offices in all the important cities of the country, then they definitely have the budget to invest in safety measures for your employee passengers. On the other hand, a smaller local cab brand may not have all the amenities that a national brand would have.

4) It’s better for your brand

When you associate with a well-known cab company brand with multi-city presence, it reflects on your own. It’s impressive for visiting personnel when they are greeted in every city with the same cab service logo. It feels like their own private cab partner!

It’s also easier for them to identify the logo, especially if they’re from another country. They don’t need to memorize a different name for each city.

Apart from which, patronising or associating with a well known multi-city cab service brand is a positive move for your company. You can utilise this association for the benefit of your image among employees, clients, vendors and visitors.

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